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XXXX is a global online retail brand that allows women to design their own shoes
which we hand-make and deliver to them. We’re changing the way women shop for
shoes and we’re on track to become a significant international retailer within the
next five years. As our business continues to grow, we’re looking for an outstanding
candidate to join the Shoes of Prey team as a Software/Data Engineer, to help our
marketing and product teams collect and analyse data and make decisions with that
information, as well as helping our engineering team with bug fixing and testing.


Your role would be to work closely with our Online Marketing Manager, manufacturing/operations 
team and product managers to build reports and dashboards from our various data
sources and help analyse them. These reports
will answer questions that come up in planning our online strategy, validate
experiments that we run on our site and find new opportunities for growth in our
 online channel. You’ll also help the engineering team triage and squash bugs that
come up as well as write tests to ensure they stay squashed.


● strong programming skills, and good software engineering sense

● a keen analytical sense and an aptitude for statistics

● good debugging ability

● very strong English skills, both written and spoken

Experience with

○ SQL or similar querying language

○ a scripting language (preferably python)

○ accessing / processing data from databases

○ HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

○ generating dynamic HTML either directly or through a server­side web
framework  (Django, Rails, WordPress, other)

○ version control (e.g Git)

To stand out as an exceptional candidate, you may also have:

● Experience with complex data pipelines (e.g in Hadoop)

● Experience with reporting platforms (e.g RJ Metrics)

● Experience with A/B Testing or a strong statistical background

● Experience with online marketing tools like Google Adwords

● Experience with data visualisation tools

● Experience using a testing framework / writing integration tests

● Experience designing and building large software systems

● A Github / Bitbucket / other account with examples of your work.


As a member of our team, you’ll gain significant experience in a large codebase and
work with a diverse team in a fast growing business, in addition to training
opportunities and a competitive salary.

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