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Australia-Philippines Business Council (APBC)


Established in April 1975, the Australia-Philippines Business Council or APBC seeks to foster friendship, understanding and mutual benefit between the business communities in both the Philippines and Australia.

Working hand in hand with their counterparts in the Philippines such as the Philippine-Australia Business Council or PABC, their primary aim is to promote technical cooperation, trade and investment between the two countries.

Aside from the PABC, the APBC also has connections with other organizations that are based in Manila such as the the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. (FCCCII) which aims to unite the Chinese-Filipino community to promote the growth of business. The APBC is also connected with the Australia-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (ANZCham) that promotes business relations between Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Members of the APBC include small companies, professional firms, government departments and enterprises as well as individuals. The council also represents industries such as mining, construction, port and other infrastructure development, telecommunications, transportation, banking, energy, food processing, shipping, outsourcing/offshoring and tourism.