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Seat Leasing


Leasing is a process commonly used by start up businesses. This approach allows companies to invest more on their core operations and functions rather than spending on infrastructure. Along with the low costs, you are still able to maintain overall control of your employees, production, and service quality.

MultiRational’s Seat Leasing service means that we provide the infrastructure as well as all the possible equipment that will be used to ensure the functionality of your operations.  All you have to do is provide the personnel and operation procedures. We have numerous seats that could be leased that are located in the major business districts of Metro Manila namely Ortigas, Mandaluyong and Makati.

MultiRational offers 2 types of packages/options that cater to any clients needs when it comes to seat leasing:


Basic – The basic option offers the infrastructure of the office as well as the workspaces. However, these workspaces would be bare and the client would have to provide the computers, telephone units, and other equipment necessary for their operations.

Complete – The complete option, as the name suggests, is a more complete package compared to the basic. Office desks are equipped with computers, telephones, programs, applications, IT support, and other equipment that the employees will need.