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Australian BPO Association (ABPOA)


The Australian Business Processing Association of Australia or ABPOA was founded in June 2010 and registered as a “Not for Profit Industry Association” on July 4th 2010. An inaugural Board of Directors was formed to guide the Association  through its early development stages and in order to attract new members.


Set up as a specialist Association, ABPOA specifically looks after the interest of companies who offer outsourcing services as well as companies who buy outsourcing services. Companies who supply the BPO industry as well as consultants and people who work for the government, academia and individuals with an interest in the BPO market.


The ABPOA was established to promote, nurture, and support the BPO sector in Australia as well as to grow the BPO sector and the companies within it. The services include an advocacy on public policy, international trade development, research and market intelligence services and access to an international networking of Outsourcing associations across the globe.



The organization’s objectives are as follows:

  • Strengthen the brand equity of the BPO sector in Australia as a professional and integral part of the business landscape
  • Partner with the Government of Australia and State Governments in formulating policies and legislation that impact upon the BPO sector
  • Strive for a thought leadership position and deliver strategic inputs for the industry and its stakeholders
  • Expand the quantity and quality of the talent pool in Australia
  • Continuous engagement with all member companies and stakeholders to devise strategies to achieve shared aspirations for the BPO sector
  • Encourage and facilitate members to uphold world class quality and service delivery standards
  • Aim to uphold Intellectual Property Rights of members



In order to join the ABPOA, members must have an Australian Business Number if they are a company. Or if they’re an individual, they must be a resident in Australia.