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Why Choose Insourcing?

Insourcing is a growing industry where companies decide to perform business functions internally as opposed to acquiring them from elsewhere. It’s a business arrangement that is often made to maintain control of critical production processes and services quality. Insourcing is different from outsourcing because it allows its clients to hire or fire directly and control their own employees. Maximum control of the overall management process is possible by enabling the clients to retain and dictate the quality of their own recruitment process.


Insourcing also bypasses middleman salary markups and delivers the lowest cost access to lower labour rates as well as better flexibility than outsourcing work to a third party. Client organisations are offered the ability to access increased financial benefits over outsourcing with better flexibility and reduced risks such as having a third party acquire some critical and confidential company information.


Insourcing is a better solution for businesses which, for reasons of security, culture, standards, legislative compliance or client requirements – prefer to keep their service delivery, intellectual property and confidential information in the hands of their own employees.