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Career Investment Program

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Is your desired job position already taken?

Not a problem! It might open up in the future!


Invest in Your Career Today!



If the position you want is no longer available

Scan through the Current Job Openings page and see whether your skills fit any of the open positions available. If your preferred position is not  on this list, don’t worry! That’s what the Career Investment Program is for! 



Choose the most appropriate job for you

A list of all positions, old and new, can be found in the Careers Corner. This page provides a list of positions that may not be currently available, but are regularly required by most of our clients. Skim through the job requirements so you can decide which job suits you best. Once you’ve chosen, submit your application. Although this position is not currently available, your application will still be processed for future vacancies. 



Go through the entire recruitment process

Once your submit your application for the closed position, you will be contacted by our Recruitment Specialist. You will then go through the regular recruitment process. A series of tests and interviews will be given – usually a 1-day process only, with free lunch for those who come early. Applicants who pass will be given priority when  a vacancy opens in their preferred fields. This is somewhat a mutual agreement – you will invest a little of your time, and we will invest ours as well.



Action for future roles

Once your preferred position opens up, you will immediately be contacted. And because you’ve already gone through the Recruitment Process, everything becomes fairly easy. Your contract will be ready for your review, acceptance and signature.



Invest in your career now! Choose which job suits you best!