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Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CANCHAM)




The Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, otherwise known as CanCham, is a non-profit organization that represents, supports and promotes Canada-Philippines business interests as well as the interests of its members.

CanCham was established in 1989 and was registered as a non-profit organization with the Philippine Securities and exchange Commision (SEC). They organize over 50 events per year that cater to both their members and others who would want to participate.  

The organization opens their membership to both Canadian and Filipino business corporations as well as individuals who are engaged in Canadian-Filipino business activities. Multinational corporations, small and medium business enterprises, and individuals involved in a wide range of business activities could acquire membership from the organization as well.

CanCham is also governed within the framework that was set in its By-Laws that is registered with the SEC. Their board of trustees also has an approved Code of Conduct that all Trustees, Governors, Officers and the Executive Director of the CanCham are required to comply with.

Some of the principal objectives of CamCham include representing the collective business interests of the membership, increase the business profile and Canadian connection of the members, advocate improvements in the Philippine business environment that would benefit members, assist Canadian businesses to get established in the Philippines, assist their members in accessing business support resources, arrange events and facilities for members to exchange business experience, expertise, ideas and news, and to provide business oriented social opportunities.