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Qantas Airlines increases capacity for Overseas Routes

Posted by graham on August 23rd, 2013 in About the Philippines

Alan Joyce, Chief Executive of Qantas, said that Qantas will be increasing the capacity on several of their overseas routes.

After finding even more efficient ways to maintain aircrafts to avoid excessive idle time on the ground, Joyce told the American Chamber of Commerce that they were able to make improvements. These improvements includes the utilisation of the Airbus A33O which had been staying on the ground at Perth.

This improvements would be able to increase the weekly capacity between Sydney and Hong Kong to about 5%. A fifth Airbus A380 superjumbo flight was also being added to the list and a 15% increase in the weekly Brisbane-Los Angeles capacity. They are also aiming to make a daily Boeing 747 flights.

According to Joyce, the network changes would not only provide more capacity but it would also promote better connections for Asian, Pacific and Tasman services without any increase in spending.