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Expatch is a free website for expats, foreign entrepreneurs and other individuals who might be interested in setting up their business or moving into Metro Manila. The site is a free resource for events, local news, living skills, things to do as well as tips and tricks that would help a person in their day-to-day life.

An all-year-round calendar could be found on the site of Expatch. This calendar serves as a guide to notable events that are happening within Metro Manila. These events are also announced in the weekly newsletter that is sent out every Thursday of the week.

These newsletters are inclusive of the latest articles found on the site as well as featured videos and the events happening on that week.  

While there are plans underway to revamp Expatch, most of the features that the site’s followers know and love will still be there once everything is given a do-over. One of the features that will be added would be a very interesting and useful Q&A with the site’s resident “Visa Diva” to address all of the possible Visa concerns of the followers.


With all the up and coming features and updates, the site becomes a dependable “need to know” information hub about the Philippines.